Corporate Chair Massage

A study on anxiety published by the Touch Research Institute (International Journal of Neuroscience, 86, 197-205) showed massage therapy reduces anxiety and enhances EEG patterns of alertness and math computations. During the research adults were given a 15 minute chair massage, and the control group adults were asked to relax in a chair for 15 minutes, two times a week for five weeks. Frontal delta power increased for both groups, suggesting relaxation. The massage group showed decreased alpha and beta power, and increased speed and accuracy on math computations. At the end of the five-week period, depression scores were lower for both groups but, job stress scores were lowered only for the massage group.

From an employer's standpoint, work-related stress undoubtedly limits job satisfaction among employees, adding to increased turnover. By lowering stress, massage helps eliminate absenteeism, and improves employee resilience, performance and productivity. “Massage addresses the symptoms of stress,” says Bruce Kelly, a consultant with William M. Mercer, the benefits firm. “It offers people relief and helps them perform much better.” With a regular massage program, an employee is certain to miss fewer days of work due to illness, ultimately contributing to lower health care premiums. A recent study by the American Psychological Association states "massage therapy can lower blood pressure, slow your heart rate, and boost your immunity." The number of corporations that offer massage are growing every year. As an addition to your existing health benefits, massage therapy helps create a workplace where employees can see that management is striving to reduce stress and foster an environment in which they can build a long-term career.

A Regular Chair Massage Program has been scientifically shown to improve health by:

  • Decreasing stress and anxiety levels by reducing inflammation which is a precursor to many health conditions and disease
  • Improving joint/muscle aches in the neck, back and shoulders due to improper ergonomics or posture
  • Preventing/treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or the pain and numbness associated with repitive keyboard and mouse use
  • Raising immunity to colds and flu
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Increasing circulation allowing more oxygen and nutrients to vital organs and tissue

Other Benefits of Regular Massage:

  • Increases range-of-motion
  • Decreases injury and illness recovery time
  • Relieves fatigue and provides more energy
  • Improves sleep
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No matter what the economy, valuable workers can take their pick of jobs. With the sky rocketing costs of health insurance, many companies struggle to find benefits to help attract and retain employees. Massage programs increase job satisfaction and create a caring environment and positive workplace culture that employees appreciate. In fact, research shows the majority of employees will choose massage over more expensive benefits.


Massage can help your team get through a very demanding time and reward them for their extra effort. Many companies use massage to relieve the stress of restructuring, moving, budget season, or other hectic times of the year. Others use it to help keep everyone healthy and on the job when a deadline or product launch is causing stress.

"Office Massage Reduces Strain, Blood Pressure"

Research shows both strain and blood pressure were significantly reduced among employees who received, in the office setting, one 20-minute massage per week for four weeks, according to a recent study “Massage Therapy in the Workplace: Reducing Employee Strain and Blood Pressure”. The sessions focused on massage of the back, neck, head, arms, wrists and hands. Following the four-week intervention phase, researchers discovered that strain decreased significantly in the massage group from week one to week four of the study, whereas there were no significant changes in strain levels among the control group. They also found that both systolic and diastolic blood pressure decreased across the four sessions for those in the massage group, with no significant changes to blood pressure noted in the control subjects. “High levels of stressors or subjectively appraised stress experienced by employees is limiting, can stunt employee output, decrease concentration and increase strain symptoms,” state the study’s authors. “On-site massage of the type investigated here is a promising means of stress reduction and health promotion within organizations."

- Research Published in 2010 By MASSAGE MAGAZINE. See full research at:

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Your Massage Connection will work closely with you and your staff to design a chair massage program specific to your needs and to your budget!

It’s our aim to put you at ease with our knowledge and expertise on the health benefits and long term success of reducing stress in the work environment.

We are locally owned/operated and 90% referral-based. Understanding the need for quality customer service is our forte. We utilize only licensed and insured therapists with extensive experience and knowledge in chair massage techniques that combine modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, PNF Stretching, MET, & more.

Outlined below is our 3 step process for working together with you and your employees to create an optimal Chair Massage schedule based on your company budget and needs. It's the perfect start, or addition to any existing Health and Wellness Program.

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Step 1:

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    Step 2:
  • Start your 2 month pilot program:
  • Option 1: The employer pays the full amount as part of a benefit package or employee incentive/recognition
  • Option 2: The employer pays a percentage and the employee pays the difference
  • Option 3: The employee pays the full amount (ask about our punch card program)
Step 3:

Evaluation forms - We will provide your employees with an evaluation form regarding our services after the 2 month pilot program. Review them and decide if you would like to permanently implement chair massage at your site!