Couples Massage Workshops

Our couples massage classes are a wonderful way to introduce your spouse/partner, friend or family member to therapeutic massage in a fun, safe and comfortable group environment. Within two and a half hours you will establish techniques to be incorporated at home to help relax, de-stress, renew intimacy, and enhance your relationship. Regular massage is also a powerful tool to promote health/wellness, and aid in recovery from injury, surgery or disease. It is considered a part of complementary/integrative medicine and is increasingly being prescribed (with standard treatment) for a wide range of medical conditions including supportive therapy for arthritis pain/stiffness, headaches, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, soft tissue strains, TMJ pain, cancer patients, and much more.

This hands on workshop is designed to introduce you both to the power of touch. It focuses completely on therapeutic touch that is free from any expectations. You will learn some of the same techniques taught in massage therapy schools. Along with limiting class size, we utilize two facilitators and are able to offer individualized attention. Each participant remains completely clothed although we ask you wear loose fitting, comfortable attire. The course is interactive and everyone is encouraged to communicate freely with any questions or comments.

$150 per couple